12 Reasons Every Girl Needs A Guy Best Friend

I have a severe love-hate relationship with my guy friends. Let's just say that I dunno how I spent a whole summer sharing the same apartment with two of them. But they do have their perks and maybe, just maybe, I'd be a little lost without them sometimes. Though it might take quite a few shots of tequila to admit it...

1. You Always Have An Emergency "Boyfriend"/Date


Is your ex gonna be at a party with his gorgeous new gf? No bother, sure Gavin will step in there as your crazy-about-you new boyfriend. Because he's your mate and mates help you out when you're being completely and utterly mental.

2. You Have A Guy Translator



"What does this text mean? He said he'd arrange drinks but that like a week ago and..." Your guy mate will bluntly tell you that the guy isn't interested/is messing you around/isn't actually single. You actually begin to catch on that you should pay more attention to a guys actions rather than his words.

3. They Won't Judge Your Clothing


He won't even NOTICE what the fuck you're wearing, let alone care. Old tracksuit and no bra it is so.

4. Ditto Eating Habits



Some people feel a bit put off eating around guys (I've never understood it but I have some friends who are like that) but with your guy BFFs? Forget it. You can order as many Dominos, garlic breads, chicken strips and cookies as you want and they'll just want to stuff as much in as you.

5. They're Not Interested In Bitching (Much)


Guys love a bit of bitching, really. They can just hide it well. But hanging out with them is usually a much-needed break from the what-did-she-say-about-me drama that is just so pointless and makes you feel about 14. Guys? "Oh yeah, he's  a tool." End of. Much simpler.

6. "How Do I Look?"



They will always be honest, they can't help it. Don't ask them if you don't wanna know or hear them go off about how so and so is "a cracker." If you look like shit, they're gonna say you do, just a heads up.

7. You Get Free Hoodies/Old Shirts Etc. Etc.


You'll always have few extras in your wardrobe. I have a different t-shirt from each of my guy friends I sleep in that I stole from times I'd stayed over in theirs. My best friend sleeps in this cool jumper and pyjama bottoms she just never gave back to another one of our guy friends. Hey, it's handy.


8. You Get Honest Relationship/Sex Advice


Hearing things from a guys perspective is always welcome. Usually because we never have a fucking clue what they're thinking about anything.

9. They Cheer You Up By Getting You Drunk


When I was going through a horrific break up, two of my guy friends came over with chocolate and then took me out for pints and dinner which turned into many bottles of wine and a blurry memory of us dancing in a smoking area at 2am. We didn't dissect every element of the break up. We just got totally wasted. That is top notch male friendship right there.


10. Your Fights Never Last Long


Holding grudges isn't a strong point for them. You fight, you sulk, it's over.

11. They Have Single Friends



They will always have fellow single friends. A whole new dating pool has just opened up through knowing them. Definitely a perk.

12. They're Protective


They know you better than you know yourself and they know what shitheads guys can be. So they want you to be happy. And if you being happy also means that you won't be texting them at 1am asking them to decipher a Whatsapp message, then everybody wins.


Aoife Loughnane

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