Why Diets Are Pointless In College

It is a tough life being a student. Your broke, you have nights out to think about and studying to conquer. I don't know about you but there is a rare occasion when I'm not thinking about the next meal. Dieting is difficult and takes serious mental strength but when you are surrounded by meal deals and 2 for 1 offers, how can we hold back. Eating healthier is more expensive and when you are living in college and all you can afford is Lidl's brand of Koka noodles, money is like gold dust. I am not encouraging people to be unhealthy, I am just pointing out why diets are so bloody hard to stick to.

1) Alcohol

There is no denying that we drink like a fish in college. We're students and we love a good drink deal and 3 Jägerbombs for a tenner. But, here is the thing I am sure you are more than aware of, drink is flooded with calories. And, if you ever go to a personal trainer that will be the first thing you will have to give up.

2) Excuses

Any excuse to eat something infused in fat or skip the gym will fill your head. Excuses you would never have come across before will appear right in front of you. "My back is sore", "I have the flu", "I'm too hungover", anything will do. We are the Kings of excuses and "I'll start tomorrow".


 3) Money

Listen, we're low on cash, our part-time jobs €8 an hour wage can only get us so far. We can't afford sushi or that salad in Milanos. The €5 Tesco chicken bucket deal and the Mc Donalds student menu get us every time. A student has got to eat.

4) Hangovers

We are in a state of emotion when we are hungover. Sometimes food is the only answer. But, we don't just eat are three meals a day. It is constant eating from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep.


5) Mood Swings

Even though we may have bypassed the teenage years by now, we are still as moody as they come. Anything can set us off and our immediate reaction is that we are hungry. We will eat whatever is closest to us without a thought of if it is healthy.

6) Sandwiches

The problem with college is that sandwiches are everywhere. Whether it is a chicken fillet roll or a sweet chili chicken wrap, we cannot escape them. Even if we decide today is the day I get a salad or even a brown bread sandwich, you will see the large roll is the same price, so, what are you gonna do? Of course, get the giant one. It would be rude not to.


7) Portions

I don't know if it is just an Irish thing but when you are at a deli or a buffet, if it is the same price for more or less, we will stack that plate up until it is sky high. Nothing will stop us from getting the most value for our buck.

8) Food Flaunting

If you're on a diet and your friends aren't you will stare at their food for hours. Since they are loving their non-dieting ways they will say things like "go on" and "f*ck the diet eat what you want." This will make it very difficult for you and you will cave...eventually.


9) Friend's Gathering

Whether it is pre drinks or you are all chilling watching a movie, food will be had. People will order takeaways or there will be an abundance of food provided. This will test you and 99.9% of you out there will fail. Food is hard to resist but free food is another story.

10) Dates

You don't want to have hot wings sauce dribbling down your chin and you don't want to seem like you don't eat either, so, what to do? This will put your diet at risk and you may be so nervous you just say "Oooo I'll have what their having."

11) Recovery

When the diet is over, you are so excited and hungry you end up eating more in two days than you normally would in two weeks. So, basically you are back to square one.

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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