This New 'Repeal The 8th' Amendment Poll Is A Wakeup Call For Everyone

This New 'Repeal The 8th' Amendment Poll Is A Wakeup Call For Everyone

Ireland has been debating the repeal of the Eight Amendment, a law that constitutionally states that an unborn child's life equates to that of a woman's. Today The Irish Times reported on a poll that focused on the Eight Amendment. The poll covered 100 constituencies with 1200 people interviewed aged 18 and above. The poll asked: In each of the following circumstances, do you think abortion should be legal or not, or do you think abortion should not be legal under any circumstances? Here are some of the results:

  •  50% agree that abortion should be legalised if the child would have a severe physical or mental handicap.

  • 76% agree with legalising abortion if a woman's life is at risk.

  •  63% agree if the woman's health is at risk.

  • 56% believe abortion should remain illegal in cases where women threaten suicide.

  • 72% believe abortion should remain illegal if a woman is unable to cope with her circumstances.

  • 38% believed a new amendment should replace the Eight Amendment to allow for women to have abortions in certain circumstances and only 28%  agreed to repealing the amendment.

I know some of you may read these results and worry but the reality is a poll with 1,200 people, although useful, will not gauge the feelings of the entire population. It appears that the majority, 76%, agree with abortion in cases of incest, rape or abuse which is a move in the right direction although it simply will not do. If the Eight Amendment was replaced with another amendment that allows abortion in certain circumstances it still takes away the woman's right to choose. The rights of a woman cannot be based on conditions and regulations.

Here are some of the responses from Twitter:

The breaking news today of the bodies found in Tuam of women and children from the Magdalen Laundry's is adding fuel to a growing fire.




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