Female Students Report Alarming Rise In Sexual Harassment During College

Sexual harassment of female students increases as each year in college passes, a survey has revealed.

As reported in The Irish Examiner, of the 400 students who took part in The Smart Consent Survey, more than 70% of third years said they experienced unwanted sexual attention as well as sexist and sexual hostility during their third year.

Furthermore, 39% of respondents said they experienced sexual coercion and 36% had been the subject of electronic sexual harassment.

Female students' experiences of sexual coercion, unwanted sexual attention, sexist hostility, sexual hostility and online sexual harassment, increased as they went through first year to third year in college, they survey carried out by PhD candidate Chiara Seery of NUI Galway revealed.

The results for the male students followed the same sequence, although they were lower. One contrast was that the boys experienced less online sexual harassment when in third year.


These figures come not long after Harvey Weinstein hit media headlines, after a significant number of women made allegations of rape and sexual assault against the Hollywood director.

The Smart Consent Survey figures were revealed yesterday at a University College Cork Law Conference reforming the law and reforming attitudes in relation to sexual offences.

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Niamh Burke

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