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Irish Student Creates A 'Payment Scheme' For His Leaving Cert And It's Genius

The day of reckoning is finally here and as thousands of students run around pulling their hair out, one man is sitting back and counting his coins.

Daniel Flanagan, a student of Gorey Community School, realising the Leaving Cert was about more than learning or preparing you for college, decided to turn a stressful period for any young persons' life into a lucrative business deal.

Deciding that his hard work should be financially rewarded, Daniel drew up a contract with his parents to ensure that if he was successful in his Leaving Cert he would be sorted, well, for a night out at least:

In the contract, Daniel requests that if he receives any grade from H1 - H6 he'll receive at least €15. If he gets a H1 or H2 in any subject he's automatically entitled to €30 which means if he took eight subjects, a maximum potential windfall of €240 (honours Maths in action over here) - a small financial reward for months of stress.


Someone who wasn't leaving any stone unturned on his contract, Daniel had taken into account payment for Maths and Irish at Ordinary level as he believes his grades should reflect his hard work and not the difficulty of the subject.

Although originally hesitant, Daniel's Mam eventually signed the contract. Daniel, who regrets not popping Law down on his CAO, is as yet unsure if his parents will honour the deal. If not he may be forced to change his mind after all, go into Law and take them to task over upholding their end of what seems like an entirely legitimate contract, and let no one say otherwise.

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