Every Irish Girl Will Absolutely Adore This Winning Racehorse's Name

Every Irish Girl Will Absolutely Adore This Winning Racehorse's Name

Is this the best racehorse name of all time?

Unusual names are a common factor in life. Often times if you struggle to pronounce the name of a person they will kindly shorten it or ignore you entirely. In some cases, such as at yesterdays Tramore Races, a name will remind you of that other place special place you go to, to spend loads of money - Penneys. It turns out Penneys isn't the only place you'll feel like you're winning.

Yes,  the horse 'Penneys Hun' came in 1st place during the 18:20 race at Tramore yesterday and the win was met with both tears of joy and laughter.

The horse won for trainer John Halley and was jockeyed by Rachael Blackmore. We're sure punters were delighted with their 9/1 win and felt truly great about saying "Pennys Hun". Although we're sure it caused a bit of confusion when it came to explaining their win. We'd expect it to go something like this:

Randomer: "What horse won it for ya?"


Winner: "Penneys hun!"

Randomer: "What?"

Winner: "P-E-N-N-E-Y-S hun!"

Randomer: "Are you alright?"

Twitter had a lot to say about the unusual horse's name and some of the ladies were glad to place their money on what was surely seen as a good sign at the races:


The next Tramore race begins at 5.05 tonight.

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