Watch: New Trailer For Derry Girls Season 2 Has Landed And It's As Amazing As You'd Expect

Watch: New Trailer For Derry Girls Season 2 Has Landed And It's As Amazing As You'd Expect

It is coming, hoving into view like some large dog bearing down on you, its teeth bared. Though, instead of a dog it is actually the second season of an incredibly well-regarded television show, and each tooth is actually a very well-crafted joke concerning sectarian tensions in Northern Ireland in the 1990s. That is what we are dealing with, and the first episode of this dog/television show is just around the corner, with it set to debut on Tuesday night at 9:15pm on Channel 4.

Well, the hype around the show has been building like some sort of runaway train made of hype, and, without wishing to get dragged into some other ill-advised tenuous metaphor, I will cease that avenue of thought. Nicola Coughlan has released a trailer for the first episode, a brief snippet, a refreshing pool at whose edge we must lap to try sate our thirst for Derry Girls-themed content.

Needless to say, it lives up to the high standards we expect from the show. Indeed, during a special screening of the first couple of episodes of the show from the new season, some weeks ago, fans said that one of the two episodes was 'the best yet', being described as, and I type this against my better judgement, 'amazeballs'.

Take a look at the trailer here.


With the entirety of the first season having been released on Netflix, there is still time - should you massively renege on other obligations in your life over the next few days - to catch up with it in its entirety before the debut of the second season on Tuesday.

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