14 Things Every Woman In Her 20s Should Know How To Do

If only there was a guide to being a woman: a list of things that every 21st century woman should know how to do, no questions asked, no second thoughts. Well, ask no more ladies, for here it is: our definitive list of things that every woman in her 20s should know how to do. Go forth and conquer.

1. How To Walk In Heels

There are two types of women in this world. Those who live in heels and those who look on them with a mixture of fear and loathing. That said, being able to swag a little in heels, is something that every woman should learn how to do. You'll never know when it could come in handy...

2. How To Stop Street Harassment

Even in the modern, supposedly equal world of today, there are many, many men who feel that openly harassing women on the street is acceptable. So the next time it happens to you, stop and turn the tables on them. "Nice arse, sweetheart" should do nicely.


3. How To Embrace Your Natural Self

Yes, make up is great. It helps to embrace and highlight what God has given us. It makes us photo-ready and fabulous (in our eyes). However, far too many women are dependent on make up and need to learn to go makeup-free more often.

4. How To Control Your Hormones

If you turn into an axe-wielding maniac once a month then perhaps now is the time to learn to control that anger. Easier said than done, yes, but simple things like running, eating well or even hormone-based contraception can all help to control it. It's worth a littleĀ time investment.


5. How To Out-Wit Any Man

Being witty, smart, sharp and sarcastic are, in my opinion, skills that every woman should possess. Having a smart response to any insult that a man may throw your way makes you instantly more appealing.

6. How To Drive

Never depend on someone else to drive you around. It's not even about owning your own car, even though that is clearly something we all want, but just knowing how to get yourself or anyone for that matter from A-B is an underrated skill at best.


7. How To Dress Appropriately

For any occasion. Buy a smart dress, blazer, tailored trousers and decent shoes and you'll have pretty much covered all bases. Just never, ever attend a funeral in sequins. Ever.

8. How To Live Healthily

Learn how to cook an egg, wash some lettuce and go for a jog every once in a blue moon and you're half way there. Just remember that McDonalds and the couch does not a hot body make.


9. How To Be Independent

No woman out there should ever utter that she 'needs' a man. Don't get me wrong, men are great and all but technically, the only thing we need men for is reproducing. What you need is to learn to do things for yourself. Even if it's something as simple as eating by yourself - do it.

10. How To Shop In A Pharmacy

You all know what I'm talking about here. You don't have time to pop into the giant Boots in town, so instead you pop into your local pharmacy for all of your tampon/ contraceptive/hairy needs. But instead of buying exactly what it is you need, you load up on hair clips, nail varnish and band aids, as if, somehow, it's going to distract from all of the other stuff. It won't.

11. How To Cut Bad Influences From Your Life


This can take the form of bad habits such as smoking, excess drinking or drug use, or people who are negatively influencing your life. A person doesn't have to be pushing you down the drugs route for them to be a bad influence. If a person doesn't make you happy and mentally drains you, it's time to make that cut.

12. How To D.I.Y.

Pick up that toolbox and get to grips with the hammer and nails. No, that was not a metaphor for anything dirty, in case that was what you were thinking. I'm talking about learning how to put up a shelf, hang a picture and fix that broken shower curtain. Rock that tool belt, girl.

13. How To Get What You Really Want


Whether it's getting that promotion or getting the object of your affections, you must learn how to get exactly what you want in this life by whatever means necessary. To do so with respect, manners and the acceptable measure of force is something that every woman should learn how to do. Without question.

14. How To Not Give A Shit

Obviously, there are things you should most definitely give a shit about. Your health, your family, your career. Things that you should not give a shit about include caring what people think of you, cellulite, drunk texting your ex, not wanting to settle for the first person that comes along, being single and happy or being loved up and happy. Let the haters hate and you'll be so much happier in your own skin. Promise.

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