5 Things Only Commuters Will Understand

So you spent all your rent money; shit got real, and you were sent packing back to Mammy. Now you have to commute to college every day. Well here’s what you have to look forward to.

The Smells

Oh the smells! From the old man who clearly works on a farm, to the lady who decides to eat tuna beside you. It’s worse when your hung over, believe me, and I’m pretty sure deodorant is no longer in fashion. Also farting, why do people think it’s ok to fart on the bus. We all know it's you!


The Seats

You have placed your bag on the seat beside you. You put your headphones on, and are now pretending to be asleep. There are plenty of seats left on the bus, and yet some Motherfucker just has to sit beside you. Invading all your space, and some even try to talk to you. Maybe I’m over reacting, but social boundaries just disappear on the bus.



The Nightmare

Yes its happened to us all, you forgot your earphones and you just have to sit there listening to all the assholes around you; or to the guy beside you who’s clearly in his 60s, but listening to Enrique Iglesias’s greatest hits. Neither of these are desirable.



Worse than The Nightmare

Your phone dies so now you have no music, and no phone. You slowly lose the will to live. Sleeping is always an option, but not when Hero is blaring beside you. I always try to get some reading done during this time. Reading a college text will no doubt put you to sleep.


The People

It takes all kinds of people, some of these people I wish would just walk. No one cares how much ket you took at the weekend, and is no one going to say anything to the guy who just threatened to hit his girlfriend. “Don’t make me hit you Debra, You know I hate hitting ye”


Oh the commute, a joyous journey for all...


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Chloe Christie
Article written by
Student at I.A.D.T, lover of the Dangerzone.

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