Men With These 9 Qualities Are Keepers, Scientists Say

Men With These 9 Qualities Are Keepers, Scientists Say

Your type of bloke has probably changed over the years. How many of us can honestly say we'd be attracted to the type of fella we'd go for back in the day? (FYI, if his cap wasn't pointing to the sky, it was no good).

If you're wondering what makes a guy worth holding on to or if you're single and on the lookout, apparently scientists have the suss on the aspects of a guy's personality that are most important.

It goes without saying, what might be a match made in heaven on paper, could be the opposite in reality. But if he ticks a few of these boxes, it's likely you've got a good one on your hands.

1. He's smart

Now we're not talking Einstein levels here but apparently, the smarter the guy the less likely they are to cheat. Makes sense - they know what they'd be missing!

2. He makes you laugh (deal breaker)

3. He supports your career (or at least when we finally get one, he will)


4. He makes an effort with your friends and family as much as you do

5. He's emotionally intelligent

6. He listens to you (respectful of your opinions)

7. He'll put the effort in (commitment to making the relationship last)

8. He's happy for you when you accomplish something

9. He shares your values (similar outlook)


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