9 Ways To Figure Out If You're Being Catfished Or Not

9 Ways To Figure Out If You're Being Catfished Or Not

In a world like today’s, we can judge people for finding love online, or even just looking for company. With so many great connections made through Tinder, Facebook, Twitter and the likes, there’s always that doubt in your mind that you may be unlucky enough to catch the one who may not be who they say they are.

After years of studying the Catfish series on MTV, we’ve put together some obvious clues that may point to a catfish in the mix.

1. Check Out Their Profile

If you come across someone on the internet, always check out their profile. Whether it's a swipe on Tinder, a random add on Facebook or an Instagram account, always creep on them to a certain extent to make sure you don't fall for someone who isn't who they say they are. Check whether their page seems legit or not. It's usually easy enough to tell if there's something fishy about this potential catfish.

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2. Do An Image Search

If all their photos are posed, great lighting, perfect smile, then this is a sign that may need some attention. You can do an image search on google to check if the photos have come from somewhere else. However, if it seems their photos are legit, then you got yourself a keeper!


3. Check Their Friends List

If you get this random add out of the blue and don't recognise any of their details, check their friends list to see if you have any mutual friends, or if the other accounts on the list are also strange profiles. If it's full of other suspicious accounts, this is the smoke to the fire.

4. Google Them

Just like any other thing you'd google out of curiousity, there's no harm in typing their name in real quick just to double check to see if they've left traces somewhere else.

5. Ask For Face To Face Contact


If they seem to avoid any kind of visual contact, i.e  Facetime, pictures, meeting up or even a phone call - run. This is a clear warning that they aren't true to who they say they are if they can't provide proof - GET OUT.

6. Don't Feel Guilty

Now-a-days everyone needs to be careful on the internet. If they don't pass on any of these pointers, question them and don't feel guilty for second-guessing yourself or them. Just like in real life, you need to be careful who you're associating with.

7. Tell Friends And Family

Keep people close to you up to date with how it's going, and listen to their advise. Listen to what they think of the relationship, and understand if they don't seem to confident in what you're telling them. It's always good not to be alone in these situations. The online world is scary!


8. Don't Give Up Hope

If this person isn't who they say they are, don't give up all hope on the online world. Use trust-worthy sites, try connect with people you may know already, broaden your horizon.

9. If All Else Fails Call Nev!

Get yourself someone from the outside to study your relationship and give an objective opinion. (Maybe just get a friend as Nev is currently suspended from the show following sexual assault claims...)


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