17 Awkward Moments That Happen At The Start Of College

Whenever you start something new, chances are that there are going to be plenty of awkward moments in the beginning. College is no different. With all of the classrooms and lecture halls you have to find, and new people you meet, it's basically like starting school all over again. Only with more alcohol.

Arriving Late To A Lecture

This actually happened to me on my very first day, and because it was the first day, everyone was in and the only space was at the front of the lecture theatre. However, this is only awkward for about a week, as less and less people show up to lectures, you can eventually just slip into the back relatively unnoticed.

Getting Lost

Inevitable really, especially considering how big the campus is compared to your old school, and how many buildings there are. And don't worry about forgetting everything from orientation; everyone does.


Walking Into The Wrong Lecture Theatre

This can easily happen in the first week because of the previous point, and unfortunately it's just awkward and there's nothing you can do about it. Just be sure to look at the top of every room you walk into for a while, otherwise you could find yourself walking into a lecture hall late, finding a seat and taking out all of your stuff, only to look up and realise it's the wrong room.

Trying To Make New Friends

You will introduce yourself to more people than you can count in your first couple of weeks. And even if you don't find yourself making friends as quickly as you expected, don't worry, you'll be in the same classes long enough that you'll have no choice but to make friends with the people around you.


Forgetting Someone's Name Ten Seconds After Meeting Them

Because of the amount of new people you're meeting, you're almost guaranteed to forget a name or two, sometimes right after someone has said there name. The best thing to do is just to bite the bullet and ask them again. Otherwise you risk running into them again and having no idea what their name is, and it's too late to ask them.

Meeting Your New Housemates For The First Time...

These are the people that you are going to be living with for the next year. As long as they aren't axe murderers or perverts you should be alright, but it doesn't make the first meeting any less awkward.


...And Then Deciding Who Does What Housework

This can be an ongoing struggle throughout the year depending on the type of people you're living with, so just hope that this conversation goes well and that everyone walks away happy with whatever arrangement is agreed upon. Otherwise, one of your housemates could actually turn into an axe murderer.

Going To A Party And Not Knowing Anyone

But don't worry, it's only really awkward for the first hour. Beer takes care of the rest.


Talking To People In Your Class After The First Night Out

Especially if you've made a particularly big fool of yourself, or can't remember who you got stuck into. Just take it all on the chin and hope you didn't ruin your reputation too much.

Answering A Question In Class, And Getting It Wrong

Probably the biggest reason why nobody opens their mouth during the first couple of weeks.

The Walk Of Shame


I'm a guy, so the walk of shame isn't nearly as big of an issue as it is for girls. All I can say is that you put some planning in place, but I'm not sure how much preparation you can really do.

Getting The Wrong Bus/Train

As if getting to know the college wasn't hard enough, the surrounding area is probably an even bigger issue, because it's even bigger, obviously. Getting the wrong bus or train can actually be good in that you are  forced to explore your surroundings, but it doesn't ease that initial sense of panic when the bus doesn't take the turn that you expected it to.

Going With People Who Aren't 18 Yet...


The sense of collective nervousness as you approach the bouncer is almost palpable, and trying to decide what to do if and when someone doesn't get in with their fake I.D. is an awkward conversation in itself.

...Or Not Being 18 Yourself And Getting Turned Away

There is an overriding sense of guilt in this situation, as you force people to decide what to do, just because you couldn't get in. Try not to feel too guilty though, there's nothing you can really do about it, and most people will understand this.

Going Into The Library For The First Time...


The library is a special place in every college, and trying to work out how to get into the place in the first place can be tricky, with having to swipe in with your student card and all of that. Just try to copy what everyone else is doing.

...Then Not Being Able To Find A Seat...

Wandering around aimlessly and eventually having to leave, even though there's probably loads of free seats around the next corner, but you're just too embarrassed to ask someone.

...And Then Having No Idea How To Check Out A Book

I do engineering, and have actually managed to make it through three years of a degree without ever checking out a book. I dread the day when I eventually need to.

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