5 Classic Break-Up Lines

Here’s some classy break up lines that we’ve all said, heard, or in the there tackiest form received in a text.

As we’re nearing summer lets start with the J1, Interailing , lads holiday excuse.

1) 'I just cant do the long distance thing, I’d miss you too much'

Aka I’m not arsed skyping you when I could be shifting the local talent.
2) 'I’m afraid of getting my heart broken'


Code for wouldn’t commit to bill pay on their I-phone let alone a human...

3) 'I can’t keep hurting you this way or I’m not good enough for you'


Well clearly changing isn’t an option here, this is just plain lazy.

4) 'There’s too much pressure from college to be with you'


You mean there’s too much pressure to go out and bang randomers drunkenly.

5) 'I’m leaving the country'

This is a lie and if they go to this extent, then the problem may be with you. A tip don’t text him/her 80 times if they don’t reply after ten minutes.
The intimacy is just too much for me. Simply you’re a dud in the sack Or maybe they just can’t handle your passionate ways.

Do no be all like this:

or this:


Chloe Christie
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Student at I.A.D.T, lover of the Dangerzone.

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