First Year Of College? Here Are The Common F*ck Up's People Make

So it's your first year in college and it's all still a bit overwhelming, you want to be open to meeting new people but you don't want to give them your life story. No one cares what you did in school, it's a clean slate and what you do from here is up to you. Here are the common fuck ups people make in their first year of college.

21) Getting the balance wrong between lectures and nights out

Every knows that college is notorious for it's social life, but at the end of the day you go to college to get a degree. Getting the balance right can be the tricky part, on one hand you want to get the full college experience, but you do need to go to your lectures. You might skip a lecture every now and again to nurse your hangover, but don't make it a habit.

20) Trying too hard to be someone you're not

Just be yourself and you will meet new people in college. Chances are that if they're doing the same subject as you that you will be like minded. Talk to people in your lectures, but don't come across as desperate to make new college friends. I knew people who tried to hard, at first people might like them, but after a while they get on everyone's nerves.


19) Staying up until all hours of the night

Trust me, you will need all the sleep you can get, so when you're not going out you should try and catch up on sleep. As tempting as it is to stay up all night watching Netflix, your brain will be fried in the morning and you won't know what hit you. You don't want to be the one taking naps in your lectures and getting called out by the lecturer.

18) Getting into a serious relationship in the first semester

You might feel like you have a "connection" with someone in your class, but odds are, you like them because they like the things you do. You meet people who have the same interests as you in college, so it doesn't mean that you have to get into a relationship with them straight away. Give it some time and see if they're might actually be something more there than common interests.



17) Missing out on college societies

Everyone knows that during fresher's week you join loads of societies to get free stuff. After that you never go near them again, but you will be missing out on lots of oppurtunites. Whether it' s a chance to get to meet new people or get to know the people in your class better you should make the most of college societies.

16) Choosing a major based on a career

So you had a passion for English, but you thought Business was the more sensible route. I don't know how many stories I have heard of people dropping out after three years because they realised they didn't like their course. Choose the subject that most interests you and not the one that has a better career plan.


15) Just scraping by

At the end of the day you are in college to get a degree so it's good if you actually put some work into it. Barely scraping by may sound a lot easier, but you will set yourself up for failing the next time exams come around. If you actually apply yourself you will be surprised at how good the results can be.

14) Hooking up with a friend from class

If you're good friends with someone it can always be tricky if you hook up with them. You will be seeing them everyday so it can be incredibly akward for both of you. It's best to hook up with people outside your class, people that you won't be seeing every day for the next 3 0r 4 years.


13) Wearing your college jumper everyday of the week

Yeah, we get you are studying history, we don't need want to see your cheesy tag line on the back of your jumper. You might think that it's funny  but to everyone else it's really bad and yes we do get the joke it's just not funny.

12) Sitting at the front of the class

The only people that sit up at the front of the class are mature students...... and that's about it. You don't need to be up the front the lectures hall are big and trust by the first few weeks you will want to be as far away from the front as you can. If you sit up the back you can pretty much do what you want and no one will know about it.


11) Buying all the books for your class

You don't need to buy every book on the list, if you're really stuck just rent them from the library instead. You will be strapped for cash as it is so you don't need to waste money on books you won't end up reading...


10) Blowing all your money for the week on one night out

Learning how to budget will probably be the biggest thing that you will learn when you go to college. You need to be sensible with the little money you have. Odds are you're working a part time job at the same time, so you will have a bit of cash. There is no point in blowing it all on a night out leaving you with no money to feed yourself during the week.


9) Missing out on lunch because you forgot you had a class

Personally, the best thing about my day was actually having lunch. Going a day without lunch is torture, so make sure you know your timetable and when you can take your break. It will put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day and you won't be able to get your mind off it. Usually you have to resort to ditching class and gorging yourself in the campus restaurant.

8) Not being arsed to clean your clothes and wearing the same clothes for a week

Make sure you have clean clothes, it doesn't matter how many showers you have nothing can mask the smell of dirty clothes. People will know when you've been wearing the same clothes so make sure to have a decent selection so you won't stink up the place.


7) Forgetting to bring your student card with you

You will basically need it for everything you do, whether it's getting into the library or getting student discounts, your student card is incredibly important. You won't be identified as a student if you don't bring your student card around with you and won't get all the benefits that come with it.

6) Not taking advantage of those student benefits

You will soon realise that you can get things a lot cheaper when you're a student. It's not just food it also applies to clothes and shoes and you will be surprised at the amount of discounts you can get just for being a student.


5) Enrolling in too many 9am classes

There are some core lectures that you can't get out of and they are 9am no matter what. When you're able to pick your modules don't go for those early starts, more than likely you won't go to most of them anwyay. Save yourself the hassle and at all costs try and pick the lectures that are during the normal hours of the day.

4) Getting blackout drunk the first night you go out

Pace yourself, you won't make a good first impression if you're falling all over the place and slurring your words. Get to know your classmates before you embarrass yourself in front of them. There will be plenty of time to wake up not knowing what happened the night before during the rest of the year.


3) Walking into the wrong lecture and only realising it when the class starts

You were thinking that there was something different and that you didn't really recognize anyone. It's always more awkward when you realise it when the class has already started, then you have to try and leave without anybody spotting you. Save yourself the embarrassment and get familiar with where your lecture halls are.

2) Going in for a lecture that' s cancelled because you forgot to check your email

The one day that you actually got up in time to go to class you find out it was cancelled. You didn't have the time in the morning to check your email and now you're sitting around like an idiot doing nothing for the next 3 hours. Save yourself the stress and make sure to check your email regularly  so you won't be in this predicament again.

1) Studying for your exam the night before

Procrastination is every college students forte and if there was a degree for it, you would definitely earn it during the time you're there. Don't leave everything to the night before, when you completely panic and end up just reading everything you can. Put together some proper notes that you can actually read and don't just scribble down random gibberish and try to decipher what it means after.

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