Five Guys You Definitely Should Avoid on Tinder

According to the tinder website ‘’ Tinder is where people meet, it’s like real life only better’’.  So maybe you have not been bitten by the tinder bug. Maybe you have better things to be doing then looking at pictures of people and determining whether you’re into them or not. Maybe you see through the ‘’ better than real life’’ app and have no hand or part in the shameless flirting and cringe inducing one liners and for that I applaud you. Ignorance is bliss and all that. For the rest of us however curiosity got the better of us and as a soon as we clicked download the wonderful but weird world of tinder was upon us.  Whether you’re a tinder veteran or a total newbie to the so called dating app here is some advice on some of the guys that you may across in the tinder jungle and why you should swipe left and avoid them like the plague.


The guy that lists ‘’ being a full-time legend’’ in his personal info

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. We are not back in third year in secondary school and tinder is not your homework journal. Next.


The guy that thinks he can flirt.


So your phone vibrates and informs you that you have a new tinder match. Mildly interested you open the app to see who could be your future boyfriend. He has even sent you a message. Your Heart is racing you open it thinking about all the cute dates you two could go on but then this is what awaits you.. ''Hey there ;) nice dress but I bet it would look better on my  floor’. Block him, delete him, do whatever needs to be done. No one should be subjected to such a conversation.



The guy that communicates with emoticons

We all experienced Bebo and lived to tell the tale. We all spent years of our lives adding lines of smileys faces and winkey faces to every god damn thing we wrote. But that was back in the days of teenage discos and DJ Cammy. It was kind of acceptable. Emphasis on the kind of part though. However if some guy messages you in 2014 and says nothing but this ;) then I would move swiftly on. Does that mean hello? Or is it your attempt at flirting? Either way there are plenty more  fish in the tinder sea that prefer words to smiley faces.



The Creepy Older Guy.

So this all possibly happened when you were new to the tinder game. The age limit was still set between 18 and 100 and you hadn't quite figured out what this swiping thing was about so you were liking everyone.  Both of you match up and then the message arrives. This is just plain wrong on some many levels. He is most likely twice your age, with a job and a house and a life that does not revolve around Tesco vodka and getting on the cheap list for Coppers. So why is he messaging the girl that prompts people to add her on Snapchat in her information.  He probably doesn't even know what Snapchat  is and he probably did his leaving the year you were born. Avoid the silver fox at all costs.


The guy that is most definitely still in school.

Okay tinder claims he is 18 but you certainly have your doubts. Why has he got three pictures of himself in his uniform with other pubescent boys then? The likelihood is that he is probably in leaving cert and still living with his parents. You’re not a babysitter and you now have the freedom to go out on school nights. Guess why? Because you are not in secondary school anymore and on that pretense  alone avoid him. Nobody wants to be chatting to someone who should be studying for their leaving.

Steph Woods
Article written by
Steph, 20, student teacher, cocktail enthusiast and caffeine addict.

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