How To Survive Your Long Distance Relationship in College

Many people think that long-distance relationships are incompatible with the true college experience. This is true to a certain extent, as there are a lot of things you’ll have to sacrifice. However, if your other half means that much to you, it’s gonna be worth it in the end. Here are a few tips I've gathered over the years for maintaining a long-distance relationship throughout college. Good luck!

1) Contact

Whether it’s a text every morning or a phone call at lunch, make sure you establish a regular time of contact that works for the both of you. This ends all the fuss about who was supposed to ring who and allows you to keep up with each other’s lives on a daily basis. Also, a quick call after a night out will go a long way and ensure that they know they're on your mind even in your drunkest hour.

2) Making Time For One Another

If you don’t see each other during the week, make sure to set aside one night at the weekend to hang out. It may not be much, but this could spell the difference between making and breaking your relationship. Let the sex games begin...

3) Spice It Up

Keep your sex life fun and active when you do get the chance to get down and dirty. Neither of you willbe getting any during the week, so you’d better make the most of it while you can. Buy fluffy handcuffs, tie one another up, do whatever it takes. Make sure that the sex you’re having is worth the abstinence during those long nights away, that's the key here.

4) Surprise

A nice surprise every now and again is also a good idea. You could turn up at their house unexpectedly one night, maybe send them a bouquet of flowers (*puke*) or send them the odd cheeky text if that's not really your thing. It’s all gonna earn you brownie points and strengthen the bond that you've managed to build up. All together now, SURPRISE.

5) Accept Their Social Life

Don’t forget that the both of you are still in college. This means your relationship shouldn't stop you from going to parties, taking up new activities and generally expanding your social circle. Inevitably, you and bae will make friends with other members of the opposite sex, and you’re both just going to have to accept that. Don’t let jealousy ruin the thing that you've strived so hard to preserve.

6) Be Mindful

Although you will undoubtedly make friends with members of the opposite sex, don’t overdo it when you do. Make sure they’re not replacing your other half on your Snapchat best friends, or that you don’t take a million photos with them on every night out. It might be a little childish on your boyfriend/girlfriend's behalf, but it’s not easy for them to see you having fun with someone else. Be kind, you hear?

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