How To Plagiarize, and Never Get Caught :3

Step 1. Go to Google Scholar.

Step 2. Search your subject and try to find an article in Spanish

Step 3. No wait hang on, translate it to Spanish first.


Step 4. Now search it.

Like I know it's there but when your hands down there I slips out of your fingers and then you think you found it again but it turns out it's just one of the flipflaps....fannies are difficult.



Step 5. Choose your article.



 Step 6. Translate that shit


Well that tells me nothing about clitori but you get the picture. Nowadays Google translate is pretty damn good so you'll have very few amendments to make. So yeah, that's my little trick. Don't blame me if you get caught.



Mikey Andreasson
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Video Section Editor at CT. Writer, Director, Actor, Lothario. Hobbies include: sailing, fencing, flower pressing, and writing mini bios.

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