So This Makes You More Masculine- And The Ladies LOVE It...

There has been lot said about the power of our natural body scents, otherwise known as pheromones. They’re incredibly important when it comes to attracting a mate – or so we thought. New research suggests that some men might want to think about masking their body odor with deodorant if they want to appear more masculine.


A study by The University of Stirling in Scotland discovered that women find men who appear less masculine physically to be more masculine when they’re wearing a fresh spray of deodorant. The researchers behind the study asked 130 men and women to rate “facial masculinity” judged on photographs. They then asked another 239 men and women to rate “odour masculinity” for 40 people of the opposite sex.

The study revealed for things:

  1. Women have more acute senses of smell than men.
  2. Men found women to be more “feminine” when they wore deodorant.
  3. Men who got low marks in “face masculinity” were considered much more masculine when they had deodorant on.
  4. Deodorant had absolutely no effect on the perceived masculinity on men who already had masculine faces.

So even though we complain about the overwhelming waft of Lynx off some of you, it seems we like it deep down. Maybe it's teenage nostalgia but there is something about it isn't there, if we're truly honest? Just go easy with it guys...

Video: Men’s Deodorant Smell Test

Credit: BuzzFeedVideo

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