The Novices Guide To Tinder

Recently I signed up to Tinder to see what all the fuss was about. It is a weird place, the Tindersphere, and I had no idea how it worked or what I was even getting myself into. Soon I began to understand the Tinder user, as I became one myself. I've learnt a few things and some of this may be useful to you. So here is a quick novice guide to Tinder, the worlds fastest growning dating app.

1. Change Your Settings..

If you  leave your setting on default you might get some old farts or people that are hours away and, realisticly, who's gonna travel cross country for an date? So reduce your age so it's closer to your own(unless you're into that freaky shit). Reducing the distance means you're more likely to meet up with the person sooner and get your nasty on.

2. Don't Worry About How Much You Have In Common..

Tinder isn't really for relationships if we are being honest here. I mean, most, if not everyone is just looking for somebody to bone and then be left alone.


3. Don't Go On A Swipe Spree..

This can be bad. Firstly you might swipe right when you meant to swipe left or probably worse you might swipe left when you meant to swipe right...

4. Don't Play Tinder On The Pooper..

I know I said earlier that Tinder is not a real place for realtionships  but what if by chance it does turn into a relationship and then you end up getting married and you have to explain that you matched with your wife mid-dump.


5. Don't Over Think What You're Going To Say..

Don't just say 'Hey',  it's boring. Be interesting and/or complimentary but remember, the line between flattery and creepy is a fine one indeed.

6. Don't Make Your Bio Too Long..

Short and Sweet. Nobody is going to read your long, self justifying, bio. Nobody is arsed and also it just looks like you love yourself too much.


7.  Vary Your Pics And Don't Have Too Many Group Photos..

You want to use good pictures, obviously, but you need to make it clear who you are, otherwise people will swipe left.

8. No Dick Pics Or Nudes..

I'm sure you're lovely but nobody want to see that. No right away anyway (winkedy wink wink).

9. Public Tindering Is A NO NO.

I used to think eating on weird playing Tinder on the Train, Bus, whatever is just strange.

Chris Duff

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