Fancy Lining Up A Few Dates? Here's Why Today Is Tinder's Busiest Day Of The Year

Fancy Lining Up A Few Dates? Here's Why Today Is Tinder's Busiest Day Of The Year

Fellas and girls if you're looking to get back into dating, today is Tinder's busiest day of the year.

Experts in the online dating community are predicting a surge in matches, as the first Sunday in January is officially the busiest day of the year on dating apps.

As well as Tinder, the likes of Plenty of Fish, and Bumble are hopping because January is traditionally a month for reflection - when people start to take stock of their life and what changes they want to make. For many, starting a relationship is the goal and after a busy Christmas and New Year, today is the first day people can take a bit of time to do something about it.

Jess Carbino, dating app Tinder’s in-house sociologist says:

The end of the year is really a good time of reflection. People have the opportunity to really think about what they’ve done in the past year and what they want to do in the future.

And for many single people, finding a partner is something that they really want to establish as a goal for the new year.


Plenty of Fish are expecting a surge in new users - as many as 117,139 are expected to sign up today, a 14% increase from their usual.

And eh, if you're looking for tips on how to get a few more matches, apparently guac will do it for you. According to Zoosk, a popular dating site those who mentioned guac in their profiles got 144% more messages than those who didn't.

Bit random but who are we to argue with science?!

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