19 Reasons Why UCD Is The Greatest College In Ireland

19 Reasons Why UCD Is The Greatest College In Ireland

Why is UCD is the greatest college?

With over 20,000 students in attendance each year, UCD is the biggest campus in Ireland. You just never know what or who you're going to find. You could be sitting in the Newman Building when you spot an actor from your favourite childhood movie sitting across from you or chased half way across campus by a flock of seagulls, trying to prise that last chicken goujon from your hands as they indulge in cannibalism.

Yes, UCD is a safe haven for students around the country and here are 19 reasons why it's the greatest:

1. The Libo Cop

The infamous libocop lives mainly in the corridors of UCD library. Make a small noise or breath too loudly and libocop will find you. Whatever you do, don't bring any liquids into the library. You can join the Libo Cop Appreciation Group here.


2. The Secret Lake

One of four lakes in UCD, the legend on campus is that the lakes were built in order to put out a fire in the Science Building. Where can I find it I hear you say? Well, that's for you to find out.

3. The Newman Building

Flaking between lectures on the arts block couches are a right of passage for many a UCD student.


4. Chicken Fillet roll from Centra

A daily solid meal.

5. The Man With The Long Beard And Dust Jacket

An unofficial mascot for the campus, the homeless man has been roaming UCDs campus for years. Urban legends state that the man was offered accommodation by UCD after he stopped an attack from happening on campus but refused the offer.


6. Orientation Week

Simply iconic, year to year.


Who else would expose the dodgy renting scams happening around Dublin? G'wan UCD SU!


8. Living On Campus

You can expect to go to random events like Student Race Day to happen on the regular when you live on campus. Forget about Roebuck, it's all happening on Merville. Where else would you find students making furniture out of empty cans?


9. The Walkway Rain Shelters

You can walk all the way from the Newman, past the library, past Ag Science, past the Science Building and straight to the SU Bar under these deadly rain shelters.

10. "Meet outside the library?"

Every year a large group of people, mainly freshers, congregate outside the library as they start to form friendships because of their ability to get easily lost.

11. The Sound Staff in the Library Shop


Their laugh out loud stories and general bants keep all of us going through those winter months.

12. Leinster Rugby

Brian O' Driscoll went to UCD. Enough said.

 13. The Wildlife

Dodging aggressive seagulls as you try to eat your lunch at the lake is a daily event.


14. The UCD style

Skinny tracksuit bottoms, Nike Roshe Ones, back combed hair and Ugg boots are forever staples.

 15. Monthly Visits From S Club 7 And The Venga Boys

All your childhood favourites love to make monthly comebacks at the SU Bar.


16. Bring Your Own Tea Bag To The Arts Café

Feck spending lots of money on tea. Bring a tea bag and just pay for the cup and hot water. Save yourself a good solid €1.

17. The UCD Cinema

All the discounts and movies you need right on campus.

18. Blackboard

Blackboard makes missing a lecturer so much easier. Just make sure you don't have that lecturer who won't be popping the notes online. In cases of emergency, make friends. Lots of friends.

19. The Chicken Goujons From The SU Bar

Forget about everywhere else on campus. These bad boys are the softest with the crunchiest skin. Thank me later.

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