Smokers Listen Up! Here's How Much You'll Save In One Year If You Ditch The Fags

Smokers Listen Up! Here's How Much You'll Save In One Year If You Ditch The Fags

Are you a smoker? Considering a 20 box costs about €12, it ain't a cheap habit so just for the craic, we've taken some time out to work out how much you spend per year on cigarettes. Let's just say you smoke 10 a day. If you were to ditch the fags all together, here's a few ideas of what you could spend your extra cash on.

Save €6 a day...

This might not sound like a whole lot but it can still get you a few of the necessities. Buy yourself a Penney's makeup bag, a Christmas jumper for your dog in Aldi or treat yo'self to a tasty Spice Bag after College. Wanna try the best one in Ireland? It comes from Lin Kee in Swords, Dublin.

And imagine not having a few of these Tiger banana cases in your life? Devastating.

Save €42 a week...

It's all about bottomless brunch these days kids! Lots of places in Dublin do an excellent brunch menu and if you want to move on after you've had your fill of unlimited prosecco and mimosa, there'll be enough money left over for a few more drinks!

How about rewinding back to 2007 when Sean Kingston owned the charts? Feeling nostalgic are we? Well he's playing in Dublin's Wright Venue in late December if you want to relive your younger years for a night. Tickets are only €13! Buy a few drinks while you're there.


Or maybe your mornings are often ruined because your leap card is short when you scan it on the bus? If you pay €2.05 per journey, this extra few quid will fund you for 20 trips.

Save around €180 a month...

Now you're talking! Ryanair constantly have cheap flights on the go - keep an eye out for their special deals and you should well be able to squeeze a European city break out of your spare cash, including flights and 2 nights accommodation. Even without their special offers, you'll be able to head off somewhere with some spending money left over!

Save around €1097 over 6 months...

Where do we start?! If you're thinking of making the move to Canada or Australia, this could definitely help, particularly towards a trip to the much closer Canada.

If you don't go a day without frantically trying to get assignments done on your laptop, treat yourself to a MacBook Air 13 from Harvey Normans.

Also considering you could get around two nights out in Temple Bar for the money you're spending on smokes, it's a sin that you're not saving it!

Save €2190 a year...

Let's say, a nice dress out of Penney's costs around €15. That's 146 new outfits you can buy yourself during the year ladies! Not to mention the practically unlimited stuff you could buy in Tiger. Get yourself a cheap car, shove it in savings, go off travelling for a bit..either way you'll have a lot more options than if you spend it on smokes.

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Niamh Burke

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